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Mid Century Modern Blue Murano style glass basket made by Chalet Art Glass from Canada, Vintage art glass - Christmas table scape

Mid Century Modern Blue Murano style glass basket made by Chalet Art Glass from Canada, Vintage art glass - Christmas table scape

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This brilliant blue basket is an example of Canadian "Murano" glass known for many years as Chalet Artistic Glass.

6" tall
4" wide at the widest part of the handle.

The basket handles are very tight together and I think the stress has caused some internal cracking on them. See the photos.
I cannot feel them but I can see them.
Other than that, the basket is in mint condition and sparkles with or without light.
These do not take away from the beauty of this stellar piece that will add a mid-century classy flair to any decor.

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This basket was made by Chalet Artistic Glass in Cornwall, Ontario, in business from 1962 to 1975. The company actually began in Montreal as Les Industries de Verre et Miroirs in 1958, changing its name to Murano Glass in 1960. After a disastrous fire, the firm moved to Cornwall. The company resumed production in May 1961.

Murano Glass was Canada_Ñés first handmade decorative glassware company. It was founded by three master glass artisans from Venice: glasscutter Angelo Tedesco, and glassblowers Luigi Tedesco (his brother) and Sergio Pagnin (his brother-in-law). As the business expanded, additional glassblowers were hired from Venice, as well as many assistants from Cornwall and the nearby St. Regis Mohawk Reserve at Akwesasne.

Early production was in the style of traditional Venetian glassware_ÑÓornate and elaborate. But when Sid Heyes from Toronto joined the firm as its first president, and Garry Daigle from Montreal became its first sales manager, they convinced general manager Angelo Tedesco and the glassblowers that Canadian buyers wanted much simpler styles. When production shifted to the fluid lines and heavy free-form style of what is known as stretch glass, sales began to soar. In late 1962, the company changed its name to Chalet Artistic Glass to make it obvious to consumers that this was a Canadian company producing Canadian designs for Canadian tastes. Although collectors today call these pieces _ÑÒChalet Glass,_ѝ the word _ÑÒArtistic_ѝ was included in the company name to emphasize that their ware was handmade by skilled artisans.

The brilliant transparent colours are delightfully appealing. The organic, flowing shapes are anything but boring. The company_Ñés range included centrepieces, bowls, vases, candle holders, baskets, goblets, birds and animals. Chalet Glass reached far into the United States and Commonwealth markets, offering more than 400 shapes. Its success was attributed to the novelty, beauty and affordability of its products.

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